Musicologist, singer and poet

Born in Paris on 3 September 1923 son of Henri Casadesus and Jeanne Montange
Died in Paris on 12 May 1994

In addition to an engineering degree from l'école Violet, Bernard Casadesus received an excellent artistic education (piano, singing, harmony), which allowed him to perform as an opera singer between1946 and 1950.

In 1950, he decided to devote his artistic and commercial talents to the record industry and quickly became head of the development section at CBS. There he directed the sales network and the promotion of the artists while taking part in numerous conferences.

In 1981, he returned to his original musical interests and divided his time between recitals, lectures, radio programmes and conferences on musicology.

In 1995, as a tribute to his musicological work, the town of Cannes inaugurated the Cercle Musical de Cannes , which, under the leadership of Guy Casadesus, aims at promoting young talents and organises gatherings for music lovers in the lounge of the hotel majestic.
He has written four anthologies and four poems in verse.

He was first married to Christiane Mollard (one child, Dominique). In 1970, he married Mireille Zana (one child, Henri).

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