Actress, honorary member of the Comédie Française

Born in Paris on 14 June 1914 daughter of Henri Casadesus and Marie-Louise Beetz, harpist.
Died on september 2017, the 24 th in Paris.

After obtaining a first prize for comedy at the "Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique" of Paris, at the age of 20, she joined the "Comédie Française" and acted in Paris, interpreting the greatest classical and contemporary authors (Molière, Marivaux, Annouilh, Ionesco, Roussin,...) In 1937, she created "Asmodée" by François Mauriac, while acting in films with Raimu, Jouvet, Gabin and Michel Simon. In 1938, she became a member of the Comédie Française. She then participated in many créations. Since 1992, she has created the main roles in the following plays : "Le Jugement Dernier" by Bernard-Henri Lévy (Théâtre de l'Atelier), "Le Retour en Touraine", by Françoise Dorin (Thé‚tre de l' Oeuvre) and "Savannah Bay" by Marguerite Duras (Palais de Chaillot and Théâtre du Rond-Point).

She has appeared countless times in films and on television. Nominated twice for a Molière (1993 et 1994), she has acted in more than 40 countries and participated in many conferences. Many personalities have had an impact on her life, including : Pierre Fresnay, Edouard Bourdet, Fernand Ledoux, Marguerite Duras, Georges Leroy, Madeleine Renaud and the pastor Marc Boegner of the Académie Française. On 10 July 1934, she married Lucien Probst (known as Lucien Pascal, actor, principal director at the Comédie Française) with whom she has brought up four children : Jean-Claude Casadesus, Martine Pascal, Béatrice Casadesus and Dominique Probst. She was made a Commander of the Legion of Honor in 1990. She is also "Officier des Arts et Lettres et Grand Officier de l'Ordre National du Mérite".

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