Born in Figueras in Spain on 26 March 1850
Died in Paris on 19 June 1919

A native of Catalonia, Luis was the founder of the dynasty. He had a passion for music, but as he was unable to receive the musical education that he needed to become a professional violonist, he taught himself the violin, the guitar and the mandolin. In 1870, he married Mathilde Sénéchal with whom he had many children.

A typographer and then an accountant by day, he directed orchestras in café concerts by night, both for the pleasure of it and for the additional income it brought. Motivated by a strong desire to give a thorough musical education to all his children (eight of whom became professional musicians), he transmitted an undeniable musical sensitivity to his descendants. This artistic ability endures to this day.

He wrote a book published in Paris in 1913, "L'enseignement moderne de la guitare".

He had nine children : Francis, Rose, Robert, Henri, Jeanne, Marcel, Cécile, Régina, Marius.

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