Writer and poet

Born in Paris on 1925 daughter of Jules-Raphaël Casadesus and Yvonne Lataix.
Died in Paris on 11 October 1999

Odette Casadesus started her career as a poet at a young age, after completing literary studies. She was admitted to the S.A.C.E.M. as a lyric writer at the age of seventeen, having passed a competitive examination on the subject of "Un air de famille" ! She wrote many lyrics that have been set to music by her grand-father, Francis Casadesus, Marc Berthomieu, Camille Sauvage, Joëguy and Jacques Dalfort.

She also worked as the general secretary and administrator for a publisher, "les Editions Chateaubriand", and then as a journalist for "La Femme et la Vie".

The writer Jean Aubert originated the Flammes vives prize that she was awarded in 1952 for "Almicantarat", and "le Prince des Poètes", Paul Fort, wrote a laudatory preface for "Astragales", an anthology published in 1953. The painter Yves Brayer illustrated "A Cappella" with an original lithography, in 1968. The actor Jean-Claude Pascal devoted several radio programmes (on Europe 1 and Radio Luxembourg) to her poetry.

One child with Georges Chambily : Axel, mathematician, computer scientist, composer.

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