Pianist, composer

His father, Robert-Guillaume Casadesus (known as Robert Casa) entrusted him to his aunt Rose who gave him his first lessons and prepared him for the Conservatoire of Paris. After only one year of study with Louis Diémer (a pupil of Liszt) he won, at fourteen, a first prize for piano that was later followed by a first prize for harmony. Around that time, young Robert wrote his first compositions (Le Voyage Imaginaire) and gave his first recital, in 1917.

In 1920, he was awarded the Grand Prix Diémer, and in 1921 he married Gaby l'Hôte, also a pianist and pupil of Diémer. He then began his first tour in Europe and met a great deal of musicians who had an impact on his life : Fauré, Ravel, Roussel (who dedicated his last work for piano to him), de Falla, Schmitt, and later, Albert Einstein.

In 1928, he inaugurated la Salle Pleyel in a concert with orchestra, and the following year, he gave a series of fifteen concerts in Moscow, while touring Russia .

In 1930, he made his firt recordings with Columbia, in Paris, while his career as a composer was developing : his Préludes pour piano were published in 1932 and he gave the first performance of his concerto for two pianos with Gaby in Warsaw.
He then toured the whole world (Europe, the US, South America, Africa, Middle East)

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